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  1. Changed my mind - my vote is now for Philly. Don't worry about adjusting the numbers, have done it myself
  2. Bills was my choice - largely because I've never done a Monday night game! (EDIT: 2nd choice would be Eagles)
  3. Think it might be about time I returned to the road trip scene...
  4. Will have to be next year for me, no chance of making November 23rd unfortunately
  5. Voted Raiders cos it's the only one I'd be able to go to. Been a good few years since my last roadtrip, so it'd be nice to get back on the bandwagon
  6. Put me down as well. May drop out come Feb, but hopefully it's doable.
  7. Hope I've not missed the boat on this - can you put me down for one please Howard? Happy to pay by whatever means necessary (maybe I can give cash to one of the roadtrippers and buy them a beer in return for bringing it back? )
  8. Gutted I'm not gonna be able to make it Sounds like it's gonna be an epic RT this year.
  9. Yeah, I basically am as well. Add me to the list. Need any deposit, Graham?
  10. I could be tempted to make the journey across London for that
  11. 5th May? Fine by me if I can borrow your spare time machine?
  12. Argh, I'd have loved to go to that - always wanted to go there. Just absolutely zero chance I'll be able to get next Friday off work
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