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Hey, I’m Daniel. I’m coming to the twilight of my 20's. I currently live in Toronto, Ontario, where I have lived for the past 4 years. I really like it here, epsecially as the American sports are much easier to follow here!

I’ve been following the Patriots since 2002 which was the season after they won the first Superbowl. I was new to the game at the time after my friend who is a Packers fan introduced me to it. My first season following it was the 2001 season, and then I was hooked the following year. I was unaware the Pats had won the previous and their first Superbowl as it was something I followed loosely that season but they found their games covered a lot on Sky the following season (9-7) so they grew on me pretty quickly and I began to follow them. That coupled with the team colours, logo, name, and that they were always on CBS...I hated watching the other networks due to their ridiculously large scoreboards. Its funny now, as Fox and CBS have flip-flopped, with CBS having the larger scoreboards.

Anyway, it wasn’t until the following season in 2003 that I became totally hooked on everything New England, when a snowy 12-0 game in Foxboro was decided in the 4th quarter, and Bostonians went absolutely nuts to 'Rock and Roll - part 2', throwing the snow into the air. The atmosphere looked amazing and it was something that I wanted to be apart of, and something I am pretty used to being a big Liverpool FC fan, which I do miss a lot these days!

It was always a dream of mine since then to visit Foxboro, one which was made true by this site for the Rams RT in 2008. I came across UKPatriots when watching coverage of the game vs. the Eagles on Channel 5 where Harry Lime emailed in a shout out for them. A couple of days later they were on Patriots Today and I found the site by searching on Google. I registered soon after and it quickly became part of my daily routine in which I contributed over 1000 posts discussing all things Patriots before the site was unfortunately hacked.

Since then though, things with the site have recovered, and I’ve been on other UKPatriots outings; For the February 2009/2010 Bodeans, and 2011 Sports Bar & Grill Superbowl parties in London, and also for the Pats-Bucs Wembley game in October 2009! The latest outing for me was last years RT vs the Bills! I’m proud to be part of such a great community and the friends I’ve made on here will be with me for long time to come. Non-UKP outings with other board members to Liverpool games, Lancashire/England cricket games and St Helens/Toronto Wolfpack RL games only adds to that!

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