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  1. So this isn't happening, right?
  2. Great news, but unfortunately I'll not be able to make it. The Thursday night is a crippler for time off work. I'm sure there will be a few happy Road Trippers - no one waving their Under Armour round their head this year! 😂
  3. Any news on this? Who is going? What dates are you arriving? Hotels you're staying in? Anything else planned for the weekend?
  4. Jealous! Looking at the dates and time required off work with it being a Thursday, I don't think I'm going to be able to make it work for the Giants RT. Recently started a new job and already have 2 weeks off for a trip to Germany in August! I'll confirm with my boss this week though. Hoping to get the Redskins in, and if all else fails, will have to settle for the the Bills in Buffalo...
  5. It was great to see some familiar faces this year, with some other familiar faces missed (hopefully next year!). As is always the case with UKPats events, it was fun to meet some great new people too, and Darius! Glad to bring back the W. Thanks to M-Wa, Mark Jubb, Howie, Paul, and Boris for their efforts in making everything run smoothly as always. Apologies if I missed anybody out, I had quite a few drinks and not much sleep so my memory may be a little fuzzy. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Weaksauce Johnson - who had very few drinks, and a lot of sleep!
  6. Who volunteered to drive that one?? I plan on drinking more Sams than I did last year (not forgetting the smart ass who bought me a Michelob Ultra (I didn't think I could find a worse beer than Carling!)).
  7. You gonna come to Toronto, yeh?! That would be class!
  8. I had faith in you. But please tell me this is a joke?
  9. This will be the game Ady bounces back.
  10. It's taken me a little while for me to get on here, things have been a bit hectic recently! I just want to pass on my thanks to all those who organised, you know who you are. From tickets to hotels to tailgate organizers to car renters to contact gatherers to designated drivers. You are what makes these weekends truly special. I had so much fun seeing some old faces and meeting new. The only mark on the trip was Liam Gallagher getting sick! We definitely made up for it though. The Canadian contingent were mostly worse-for-wear on the Monday driving back up north. It definitely isn't as fun
  11. I'm sure Warren will not tell anybody and just "surprise" everyone and turn up....
  12. I'd prefer to not make the night about me. I'm not really one for attention..... We could just refer to it as the regular Friday night UKPats shenanigans. The Red Hat is a good shout but it's a fair ways a way from the regular spots on Boylston (Whiskeys/Pour House). Happy to follow the crowd. Will have to try sleep in the car on the drive down if we're gonna be out late on the Friday night.
  13. That's a short stay Van, but will be good to see you again! Have you not just thought of driving to/from NYC? Would probably work out the same time as a flight with the waiting around! Jealous. I'll have to see if I can hit up the C's when they come to Toronto.
  14. Canal Street; 5 minutes away. A bit full ahead of Bruins games. That shouldn't be a hindrance!
  15. Didn't know of the one near the Garden, only been to the one near Fenway. Definitely some find beverages on tap.
  16. That fight ..... Shawn Thornton off the bench taking out Orpik! Well that was a little excessive, but Orpik did deserve something after what he did to Marchy.
  17. The 1pm is really throwing a spanner in the works. I'm not sure what my work situation will be like this year as I just quit my rig job last week. Would normally drive down the Friday but wouldn't get into Boston until 5pm ish. Will need to have a think. What's the deadline, David? Nice memories of playing the Pens at the Garden in 2013! That comeback.....
  18. Thanks for looking into this as usual Howard, great price for the Hampton Inn!
  19. But you don't have to stay in a hotel the entire time, you can stay at a hostel in Boston to cut costs even more. A bunch of us have spent a night or two at the YMCA on Huntington or 40 Berkeley in the past few years. Probably works out about $30-40 a night each off the top of my head. Then with the UKPats group hotel rate that Howard has been able to get us nearer game day, if you can split the cost by sharing then the hotels work out well!
  20. Looks like you would only need another 3 then David....
  21. I went with the Dolphins. My current work schedule has me working for the Texans game. I hope it clears up in time for November but as is the case each year, I'm up in the air! I'll hopefully be able to get a ticket as normal and hope for the best.
  22. D_Lo

    2017 Road Trip

    Whatever my Air Canada points can get me! Saving for the wedding in 2018 so any game I can attend will be a bonus this year. Paul suggested doing the Lions pre-season week 3, might be an interesting day trip.
  23. D_Lo

    2017 Road Trip

    What you doing there from the 11th to the 26th?
  24. I'd have spent the first three quarters at NRG fretting "I paid $5000 for this?" I was thinking the same thing, but that ending. The last two Super Bowls coming down to the end. Even if I made it to one in the next few years and they won, it will never, ever be better than that.
  25. Would have been great to be with you all in London last night, but even better to be at NRG stadium for that!
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