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Dave, 45 married, two kids (boys 16 & 12) live in Waltham Abbey, work in The City, and have a second job as district councillor.

Been following the Pats since I first started watching the game back in 1985. I'd been watching a few weeks, was deciding on a team to follow, when I saw an interview with John Smith and Steve Grogan (I think), where they looked at the Patriots' playbook and discussed (among others) The Flea Flicker, and promptly used it the week the interview was broadcast and scored a TD. Wow - this lot will do for me. The Superbowl run that followed kinda locked me in for life.

I went to the first American Bowl in 1986, and since the regular season games started at Wembley, I've been every year, bar the first one (I was in Australia at the time). Also been to three Superbashes, including 2012's agony at the O2. Now looking for a trip to Foxborough to round it off...

I'm @InfoholicUK on Twitter - happy to follow back any fellow Pats fans.

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