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  1. Hi Rat


    It says on your mail that i dropped out of the fantasy league but i was taken out by admin it told me.


    I wanted to carry on playing this year.



  2. Do the trains run there on a Saturday or just game days??
  3. Hi mate. Also on the bus both ways, what would you advise about when to head to patriots pro shop ??
  4. Yep i'm on the 09:30 bus from Huntington Ave
  5. Me and two mates (both chelsea) also in the W and arrive Friday afternoon. Hopefully catch up then.
  6. Thanks for this Waspie, i will be on the bus also How long would you expect the bus to take to get back to Boston ??
  7. Pretty busy weekend by looks of it @ TD Gardens BRUINS VS. PENGUINS 24 NOV1:00 PM CELTICS VS. MAGIC 24 NOV7:30 PM JAY-Z 25 NOV8:00 PM BRUINS VS. OILERS 26 NOV5:00 PM CELTICS VS. PISTONS 27 NOV7:30 Pm
  8. I fly in Friday morning so game for a meet up somewhere in Boston
  9. Two of us at present but i know a few other members are heading in from Boston gameday.
  10. Anyone have a rough idea how much a taxi on gameday will be from downtown boston to Gillette??
  11. Of course, just wasn't sure where abouts all these hotels you guys we're talking about are. I'm also staying in Boston Oh great, will send you a PM closer to gametime Where abouts are you staying?? How are you planning on getting to the Stadium? 5 months today and I'll be in Boston! I cannot wait :D W Hotel in downtown Boston. arrive Friday morning and leave Monday night
  12. Will this 100% be a 1pm puck off or may change due to tv etc??
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