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  1. Yep while drinking the Moet they wouldn't serve us last year
  2. Great to have you along again Andy. Very sensible of you to get in before the last minute rush. Don't envy you tomorrow morning if Pat's win tonight. Expect that list to grow quite a bit lol
  3. Will now be in attendance seeing as don't start new job til end of Feb now. See you guys in a fortnight
  4. Going to miss the first one in years i'm afraid guy's. Currently inbetween jobs and moving at the moment so money is just too tight. Have fun everyone going. Hopefully will be just as good as last years
  5. Are you coming Andy? just waiting on area manager to see if i can get the time off
  6. After speaking with Jamie, would be very tempted by this
  7. Looking forward to it! Indeed. Anything but december!
  8. Always up for bruins. Winter Classic is a shout
  9. Thank you Mark for sorting it all out. Great night as usual. Just glad everyone finally believed me, that we had nothing to worry about in the end
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