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  1. Might be a bit too soon to ask (apologies if anyone is offended) but with the schedule being released my mind inevitably turns to the Road Trip. I’ve still not made one with you guys, but that doesn’t stop me trying each year. I just wondered what the chances were of there being a Road Trip at all this year? I keep reading that maybe September games will be behind closed doors, but nothing other than that. Otherwise a week in LA at the start of December for both the Chargers and Rams game looks very appealing. Other than that I hope you’re all well, keeping healthy and staying safe.
  2. Yeah we know them all now : Home : BUF, MIA, NYJ, BAL, CIN, STL, SEA, HOU. Away : BUF, MIA, NYJ, CLE, PIT, ARI, SF, DEN
  3. Strangely this really saddens me. I say strangely because I'm still a relative newcomer to this bloody addictive site, and because I hardly know any of you at all (save the handful I met at last years SB party). But I'm well aware people like this exist, and just because the vast majority are great, genuine people, I guess it doesn't make us immune to attracting them. Fully supportive of 'the rules' - the relationship with the Patriots organisation has to take precedence over everything else or there is no RT and ultimately little point in the forum other than having a chat. Moving on, I h
  4. Thank you for sorting it all out Graham - what a great day it was. Butlers pick in the dying seconds maybe wasn't as clear through my "beer goggles" as it might have otherwise been, but I wouldn't change it for the world!
  5. Yeah it's my first SB party and have decided to get the first (5:45 am) train back "up north". Means I get back to work for the afternoon, but am already dreading those couple of hours wait in the freezing cold on a belly-full of ale with nothing to keep me warm other than the Pats W ! In future I'll plan better and get a hotel!
  6. I'm not getting into London until after 1 - engineering works means a replacement bus from Ipswich to Billericay - and I think I'm up to Kentish Town for a late liquid lunch. Anyone fancying a few pints, I'll probably be in the Southampton Arms from around 3:00, then the Grafton, Tapping the Admiral, pitstop at Honest Burgers, Brewdog and finally ending up at the Euston Tap around 7. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/Southampton+Arms,+139+Highgate+Road,+London+NW5+1LE,+United+Kingdom/The+Grafton,+Prince+of+Wales+Road,+London,+United+Kingdom/Tapping+The+Admiral,+Castle+Road,+London,+Uni
  7. Looks good to me - in for a penny....... Don't think Camden Town brewery is open on a Sunday is it?
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