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  1. I'm not sure yet. depending on the date and money left... 😉
  2. Patience is a virtue my young padavan.. 😂
  3. Simply have to report him to the boarder control.. barred from leaving the country = result!
  4. Hey Mark, I might join in as well. Need to book flights and hotel, but should be good to go.
  5. Shame I can't be there for that... Shouldn't miss out on that really... LOL You'll have to have some drinks for me as well.
  6. Sorry to hear that Markus, perhaps Gareth wont get quite so pissed without you there leading him astray Need someone to look after Gareth in my absence. I'll hopefully take over that part next year again! Mark just take the pints off him if it gets too bad Will of course cheering the Pats on from Switzerland as any given Sunday!
  7. Sadly will have to miss out on this special occasion as I've moved to Switzerland. But hoping to be a part of it again next year! Can't mss two in a row can I! But let's hope Drive for 5 will be Going for 6 next year..
  8. Could you not tell them you are a Liverpool fan so they will give you special treatment? I don't like to name drop but I agree being a fan of that fantastic football club should come with benefits Absolutely second that
  9. My first choice was the Bills game (forgot we could miss out on TB12!) second choice would be the Texans.
  10. Another awesome SB party! and an awesome bunch of people!! Really enjoyed it. Even though we witnessed the worst SB ever! Thanks Mark for all the time and effort you put into this.Fab!!!
  11. So the tube strike has been called off in case anyone expected trouble on Sunday or Monday.
  12. So are we gonna watch the 3 games to Glory DVD instead of a Manning drubbing at the SB Party?
  13. I've never been to Boston so far, either to visit the city nor for a RT, but very much would love top change that. Now with WOW Air, it might even be possible... A get together on the night before the game would surely be awesome, I remember when I first met the UK Pats in London before the Pats-Rams game, It was awesome, and won a fair few good friends from there and the forum itself! So surely that dinner together would strengthen the togetherness and creates new friendships! I'd love to be part of that! Pats and you guys are a big part of my life. I'm on the site every day, reading, posting, ranting and smiling about posts!
  14. I know that song from somewhere... Just with 5 instead of 4!!! :D :D
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