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  1. I'm so jealous reading these threads about your road trip, I was in hospital in June 2015 and didn't check the Forum for a while and missed the deadline ‚ÄčI am currently trying to convince my wife that our 30th wedding anniversary next year should be another visit to Boston When I last went out to Foxboro we sat directly opposite where your tickets are at the same level and had a great view! I will endeavour to make next years trip and I'll keep a eye out for any planned events in London as I've not yet meet any of you yet. Go Pats!
  2. The Church on Gt Hampton Street near Jewellery 1/4 serving food and beer till 4am!
  3. Have a great time in London just found a pub in the Jewellery quarter in Birmingham showing the game I'll be there cheering on the Pats wearing my John HANNAH retro shirt!
  4. Yes Rob the walkabout is on broad Street , I understand the sports cafe is now called players and is hosting a super bowl party with the birmingham university Lions american football team ! Anyone going?
  5. Hi, I live in Birmingham and can't make London super bowl weekend and I'm looking to see if any other Pats fans are planning to watch in the City Centre? Would be nice to get a few Pats fans together to enjoy the experience I'm currently looking to go to the Walkabout with at least one other Pats fan any one else interested?
  6. Hi everyone would have loved to get down to London but unfortunately looks like I'm too late! Does anyone know if there are any events in the Midlands and is anyone going elsewhere? Or does anyone have a spare ticket for Arizona (I wish!!)
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