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  1. My first trip and what a trip it was. The Bruins coming back, the Pats coming back.. fantastic! I loved it all, the balls too Many many thanks to those it made it all possible as well, the tickets, the driving heartfelt thanks to you all. Wonderful to meet so many news faces and friends and have an experience I'll be thinking about till my dying day. Top quotes: At the Bruins game just prior to the winning shot: 'play the clock doon!' At the Pats, just prior to the big push, 'I came over three thousand miles for this?!' And of course, which clothes mark you out as being French and
  2. Think we'll be quite close, seats wise, on the flight too
  3. Am out tomorrow, flippin' 'eck Benny! Am getting most excited! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-64CaD8GXw
  4. Surely this place is worth a visit whilst over? http://www.mcgreevysboston.com/
  5. Email to check, roger that! Glad to read the posts regarding newbies too Oooh, getting a bit excited now. Got the Dropkick Murphys on and am practising my best Boston type accent. Octobah! Just bought some thermal bottoms and socks and will bring my best beenie hats, a rather fetching Pat Patriot old skool hat and a nifty Red Sox 100 years at Fenway. Will be at Heathrow early Fri morning. I'm as excited as a very excited person who's got an extra special reason to be excited. Are we bringing a flag to show off in the stands? Like a UK Pats sign or something?
  6. Hey, question. Would it be best to get travel insurance for the trip?
  7. The big daddy has now booked his flight ticket! Yes! Ahm a gonna be a-shipping up to Boston!
  8. For anyone on the road trip who's struggling with work or anything else, remember....
  9. Andy (Grecian) and Mark (Swindon) have already copped off. Looks like BDD73 is the last one to get picked for the team. Tch, just like school then.
  10. Not sure about this ball business. Not sure about the meatballs either
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