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  1. I’m absolutely up for that Warren, thanks buddy appreciate it, will the big man be joining us? Be good catching up with yourself & Jamie
  2. You know what Warren I do fancy that, I’ve no idea where it is, but yea it would be fun proper football in a old stadium.
  3. Yea was thinking come down Saturday and catch a premiership game, but only team at home that wkd is Arse meh, Spurs are away to Liverpool and so is West Ham & Chelsea all away. But holidays are booked for a long wkd don’t go back to work till Tuesday so I’m all set.
  4. Is there going to be a meet for the Super Bowl in London this year?
  5. Can I come, can I come??? I'm happy to pay whatever
  6. I'm already going over for the Rams game in December, so id love to travel over with you all for that. Was really hoping for the Ravens the week before as well, that's a pity...
  7. Dallas is still my main focus. It's a bit of a disappointment that I can't tie that in with a game in Foxborough before or after. I'll try to get to whichever game we're offered at home, unless it's Washington. Same here I'm gutted bye week and colts either side sucks, I'm going to Dallas was thinking of staying there then onto Indy the next week, if not I'll try get over to Gillette for the playoffs...
  8. I've got tickets for the Cowboys road game, just waiting for the fixtures list to come out as will want to go to a Gillette game either the week before or after Arlington... Hopefully that'll be same weeks as ukpatriots trip
  9. I'd be up for it again this year whoever we get,, just waiting for the invite
  10. Count me I'm for this, I'll fly down on day off SuperBowl fly back up North Monday night, a few idiot proof directions and I'll be good....
  11. London for me I know my bearing there and it's easier, never been to Nottingham in my life bar football, I'd get lost pretty much guaranteed...
  12. London's easier for me also, only an hour flight then hour to Liverpool Street...
  13. I'm interested in the SB party, already looked into flights for that day, once details for venue is sorted out please post,, looking forward to meeting up with the road trippers I met in Boston...
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