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  1. Carl,


    Can't seem to PM you, says you can't receive.


    If it's not too late, can I rejoin FF Div 4 ? Was Foxborough Market last year.




  2. Think this might be my only chance to get to a game this season Sat-Tue flying visit on Avios, points for hotel and 76 dollars a ticket. NYC pats fan normally do a group booking for the game.
  3. Carl, I have tried to PM you but for some reason I am told Carl03 cannot receive messages .


  4. Bruins have their home opener on the Saturday after the giants game. Think I’ll stick around for that and head home on the Sunday.
  5. Good potential for some Bruins action as well as well. Application sent.
  6. Wilt or anyone else going to this who hasn't got tickets yet, the NYC pats fan club have just mailed this link out to members for discounted tickets, also might be the easiest way to ensure you're sat with pats fans. If anyone going wants a post game party the venue will be the Tir Na Nog at west 39th just off 8th avenue. About 7 blocks from penn. I've managed to wrangle a work trip to NY that week so I'll be at the game and in the bar on 31st prior to tge game and the bar on 39th post game if anyone fancys a beer. https://nyjets.spinzo.com/new-england-patriots-vs-
  7. Don’t forget to get/ renew your ESTAs guys. A bloke almost missed the flight I was on today because his had ran out.
  8. I’ll be around for the Friday night, but if the Red Sox are at home in the ALDS evening game I’ll be at that beforehand.
  9. I genuinely don’t think there’s a better place to see that pats win in the regular season than at MetLife, I’ve seen us win thrillers against the Jets/Giants and heartbreaking losses against the Jets. I’ve been on my own, with my family and with friends. Always worn pats gear, never had anything other than friendly stick on my own or with family. Had plenty justified abuse when I’ve been with my mates, but we’re as loud and obnoxious as they come and have just as good as we got. You’ve got the added bonus of being British, you’ll be fine to wear pats gear. Train from Penn station,
  10. The Canadian side of the falls is much more impressive than the American side.
  11. Most of the buses are great for Sunday games, make sure you get one of the buses which get there 3 hours before though, its not a true NFL experience without the tailgating. Rallybus and Bus.com I have used in the past and both are fine. For anyone using the buses for the Colts game I would think twice though, they can be an absolute disaster for Thursday/Monday games. They leave downtown Boston at 4/5ish which turns the normal 30 min journey into an hour, hour and a half sometimes. Likewise the patriots train can be appalling on Thur/Mon games as it normally has the line pretty m
  12. Aye, I’m trying desperately to sort the holidays at work. Looks a bit of a stretch though.
  13. Anyone planning on sticking around for the Bruins game on the Monday?
  14. Two games in a week for the RT and I’m already in Boston for a family event is a bonus. Sox/Yankee’s tickets sold out in like 15 mins on Friday, so no chance of a group allocation for that. They scrapped the lottery system a couple years back in a MLB wide deal.
  15. The Canadian lot doing the Bills game this year? That’d be a canny RT Bills followed by a few days in Toronto onto the GB game.
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