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  1. Been to the old MetLife stadium in '08 (exact same place) and it was very easy to get to from Penn Station... assuming you're staying in Manhatten. There was a game specific train which was cheap and regular which I expect is still the case. Carl03 is the fella you wanna speak to as he was/is a resident in New York and has been to many games at MetLife so will be able to give you far more tips and advice. You'll get plenty of light-hearted stick if you're wearing your Pats gear... and I saw a couple of Pats fans getting some not-so-light hearted stick (beer thrown
  2. That's gunna be a great RT. Nice time of year too. I'll have my hands full with BabyW due 14th Sept, so won't be there. But no doubt you'll all have a great time!
  3. We'll stick a pin in this due to low numbers and Shooters have been abit noncommittal about staying open until the games finished. Plus I've now gotta be in West Bromwich tomorrow so early start for me. Apologies but hopefully next time. Enjoy the game.
  4. Hi boys and girls, Putting the feelers out there for a meet-up to watch the AFC Championship game at Shooters Sports Bar in Nottingham. Unfortunately Hooters and South Bank Bar both close at 10.30pm on Sunday so Shooters seems to be our best bet. I'll call them today to see what the craic will be should the game go on late, overtime, etc, but I believe they close at 1am so shouldn't be a problem. I'll explore a few other options aswell but wanted to see what sort of attendance we might generate. Shooters is on Friar Lane, just up from Market Square, so very central
  5. Great weekend! Great to catch up with everyone and meet people I hadn't met before. The game wasn't bad either Thanks so much to the organisers....it appeared as seamless as ever but I'm sure there's lots of work and stress going on under the surface. As Chris said, it doesn't go unappreciated! My mate Rich who attended also asked me to pass on his thanks and said he was blown away by how well organised it was, how friendly everyone was and the tailgate atmosphere took him completely by surprise. Already looking forward to the next one!
  6. My plan is to go to The Hall on Saturday afternoon
  7. The NBA schedule doesn't come out 'til August, Jonas, so we'll have to wait and see.
  8. It's a shame I don't get in 'til Friday evening I'm hoping there'll be a Celtics game on the Monday or Tuesday
  9. I was happy at the Hampton Inn on the previous RT I attended. Thanks in advance Howard if that's the hotel we go with. Is anything likely to be happening downtown for Thanksgiving that weekend?
  10. Blue Jays v Red Sox series starting the following day too I believe, Chris
  11. Texans game gets my vote. Could try and fit in the Panthers game the following weekend on an extended trip.
  12. UKPatriots looking to break the losing streak!
  13. Superbowl LI Champions!

  14. TB12 Revenge Tour 2016

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