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  1. Just to let everyone know I have six nights in total booked at the Hampton Inn in Norwood - Wedesday 26th September - Monday 1st October (five nights) and Thurs 4th October (one night after the Indy game). If anyone wants to share the room with me they're more than welcome as I have booked a room with two queen beds. Cost is £86 per night. If anyone's interested they can let me know any time before Monday 24th September. Cheers - can't wait for this now! *EDIT - The Sunday and Thursday nights have been taken
  2. Wow, absolutely amazing work Mandy. As always an unbelievable job! Having had the pleasure of all of your company for the last three Super Bowl parties and having been to games/other meet ups with some of you, I’d love to be involved with both if they’re available! Have already booked my flights for that week so I’m definitely in.
  3. Count me in Mark. I'll Facebook you regarding payment.
  4. Simply an unforgettable night that still doesn't quite seem real today. Many thanks to all of you for helping create memories that'll last a lifetime. To all those I jumped on during the last TD celebrations I can only apologise! Just an incredible feeling. Massive props to Mark once again for organising and putting on an evening that would've been great regardless of the result.
  5. walk it and anyway get there early im sure we might be in the euston tap for early drinks Sounds like a potential plan, have to check in to my hotel at some point though. What time are you getting started?
  6. Cheers for the warning RE engineering works. Uber from Kings Cross it is then!
  7. As Damien said, I'll be there. Many thanks for putting this on again Mark, very much looking forward to it. Especially after last night!
  8. Massive thanks to Mark for organising and all of you guys for being such good fun. Here's to many more in the future!
  9. Great to meet you all tonight, shame that it couldn't have been a happier ending! Here's to the SuperBowl party in two weeks!
  10. Revis Island. Population: You...

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