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  1. Sunday - Thursday sounds like a nice plan. Washington in the fall should be nice :-)
  2. Green Bay would be Evry cool, although most likely very much out of the question from the club perspective... ?
  3. @Ashely We might be game for a possible Celtics game. The wife isn't very keen on a hockey game, we went to the the Florida Panthers when we were on a trip to Fort Lauderdale this spring. But Basketball is clearly an option. ? We haven't decided when to leave the Boston area yet, so we'll see what the schedule says. Is it out yet?
  4. This could become an annual team building exercise. Prizes for the most entertaining idea of getting Jonas across the highway; but only for the return trip after much alcohol consumed. What could possibly go wrong?! I vote trebuchet - although uber may be more practical Sounds a bit violent... or at least, might be hard to aim correctly, especially after Rat's suggestion of alcohol consumption... Uber might be the way to go, but it seems a bit unnecessary. After all, Jake 'n Joes is just across the "street"
  5. This could become an annual team building exercise. Prizes for the most entertaining idea of getting Jonas across the highway; but only for the return trip after much alcohol consumed. What could possibly go wrong?! ROTFLMAO The wife is on the fence (pun intended), she think it might get out of hand...
  6. I think Hampton sounds like a good choice as well! And as far as I remember, it was ok too. I think it would be nice if it's possible to arrange some kind of get together on the night before, I only been once before and though it was very nice to meet everybody on game day, I think it is nice for us rookies to meet with the full roster in beforehand. :-) But with respect to everybody's traveling schedules and desire to cram some other stuff in there as well, perhaps that's not possible. I believe this was also up for discussion after last years RT, or if it was the one before that, and I don't know what cane out of it that time. You "old-timers" know each other pretty well by now, us newbies only see the forum names, which in many cases don't say squat. ;-) I even have a number of you guys on FaceBook, and can pair real names with real faces, but I still have problems with forum names. :-)
  7. Anyone remember if there is an "official" crossing that doesn't entitle climbing the fence in between the highway directions? Climbing isn't my strong suite these days ?
  8. Road Trip tickets booked and paid - Check Flights booked from Sweden to Boston and back from Miami to Sweden - Check Planning started to go see the away game in Miami - Check Looking up to be a sweet November/December this year... Anyone else going to the away game in Miami? (I know of two that I believe aren't going to the RT game this year)
  9. That's always the plan, and there's already some trip virgins to finish off the sauce from Paul's balls! Ha - I forgot about that initiation ceremony! Good luck, newbies :-) Ain't I happy I already got an RT inside my belt...
  10. Although I prefer warm weather, I am a Viking! ? Early December in Foxboro can be either or,and it has been known to be mild. But if there is snow, I'm pretty much screwed. ♿️ in ❄️ is a real biatch. But we might need to wait and see. ? @Mandy, thanks for keeping me in mind in communications with front office ???
  11. Texans feels better from a tailgating perspective. And of course, we have this thing with a non-dome stadium. Also, there might be a slim chance that I could talk the wife into a fortnight in Florida finishing up with the Bucs game. :-) On the other hand, one could have a double-tuna sandwich in November/December with a little vacay in between. Miami in early December might be nice... :-) Not sure yet, and also there is this thing that I need to make sure that I can get a wheelchair accessible seat. But I would very much like to join the RT again this year, if possible.
  12. I would think that as we are in Pats country, and I mean literally smack in the middle, everybody would be wearing Pats shirts, no? As it seems 11.30 is a bit early to go to Gillette, I will adapt to that. Any suggestions Waspie and Gronk? Gronk, as I am out driving anyway, would you like me to pick you up at the train station when you get there? (And for anyone else coming in via train or bus, that offer extends to you as well... as long as we can fit it into the schedule going to Gillette today...)
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