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  1. Would love to be there as always, but doubt I’ll be able to get the day off work as I’m using up all my holidays in March. Sad! Have a blast guys!
  2. Absolutely loved the videos of you lot dancing around! Almost felt like I was there with you. Unbelievable really!
  3. Whether we win or lose, have an amazing time guys!! (Let's hope we win!)
  4. Marylebone is walkable (or if you want to be quick, take a bus - its no time at all) from several other stations in the West End, including Euston, which is a nice walk across Regent's Park. Use TfL's journey planner if you're unsure. It will tell you the exact bus stops and options across all modes of public transport. https://tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey/
  5. I know you're out of leave, but you can bluff your way through Monday morning. We've all done it. Believe me, if I could, I would. Make sure to post some photos and I'll photoshop me in there ;p
  6. It just had to be the late game, didn't it…
  7. Have fun guys. I can't commit to taking time off work as I've just spent it all in one go on a lengthy holiday, but will no doubt be cheering the Pats on that evening, envious of the party!
  8. Hi guys, I've messaged Mark already but due to personal circumstances Jo and I won't be attending on Sunday so if anyone here wants to join the group and cheer on the Panthers, let Mark or I know. We both hope everyone has an enjoyable time watching Peyton crumble one last time! Jo is a diehard fan now thanks to you lot
  9. 15 minute cab ride home for me so forgive me for not joining in the post-game party!
  10. Two for me please. Mark, are your bank details the same? DM me on here or Facebook.
  11. Surely asking them to move us to another table is preferable to some emergency carpentry on their part.
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