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  1. Great trip guys, thanks for all those that organised it. Was good to meet everyone
  2. Thanks, it will cover my trip back in June then
  3. Applied for mine when I booked my flight, better just check it went through ok. How long are they valid for?
  4. The two of us will be part of the hotel convoy. We are both looking for a car place if possible. (Indy Game only)
  5. Thanks again for arranging all of this
  6. Im planning on sorting that out with my mate this weekend. Got anything in mind? Where abouts are you staying in Boston?
  7. I might be kicking about Boston on the Friday night but we aren't 100% sure yet, will give a shout out here if we do
  8. Tickets Paid for, Flights booked. Flying into JFK on the 3rd and meeting my pal in New York before heading up on the 4th for the game. Really looking forward to it and meeting you all.
  9. Do we have any idea when the tickets will be confirmed? I don't want to book flights until then but also don't want to wait too long to get stuff booked.
  10. Thats great news, I had a look at hotel costs while planning the trip and they were all far more expensive than that so if I get tickets then I would definitely be booking that deal.
  11. Great that we have got the games confirmed. Defo going to try and make the second game as on holiday for the first one. Will get the PM sent later.
  12. Sadly won't be down but I will make it down to some other events to meet you guys at some point I'm sure.
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