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  1. I voted for the Rams game as it's the only one I'm able to attend so didn't make a vote for the 2nd game
  2. I've voted for the Rams. I'm already booked to see the Bengals game in October so the Rams in December is the only other game I could make
  3. Back in the UK today from opening night, what an amazing game to be at. The build up was fantastic and even the rain, after 4 days of 90 plus degrees and unbroken sunshine, didn't spoil the event. Great to meet up with Howard for lunch and a huge thanks to him again for taking delivery of my tickets. Hoping funds can stretch for a further game later in the year now
  4. do it! Tickets have dropped slightly in price from what I paid a few weeks ago
  5. Fly out Sunday, tickets sorted for opening night (with a big thanks to Howard!) Big question now is will I be cheering on 12 or 10
  6. I deliberated for 2 weeks at the £750 price (I could use some avios to get prices down slightly) but talked myself out of it thinking I would go to a later game. Then saw the BA sale and talked myself back into it again. If I cant get tckts through the official channels in July, which I've been lucky with the last few years, then it looks like I'll be forking out a decent sum. Oh well, as you say YOLO!
  7. What flights? I could only find circa £750 BA currently have their sale on, paid £537 with car for 8 nights That's a great deal if the car is included in that price!I've been waiting for the sale, the same holiday last week was £769 each, booked Saturday night at £537 for flights plus group D car. I don't think I'll get tickets quite as cheap!
  8. What flights? I could only find circa £750 BA currently have their sale on, paid £537 with car for 8 nights
  9. Well I've booked flights and accommodation for the opener, now to get tickets...
  10. Have a good time guys, wish I was coming along but having been at the Raiders game earlier this season funds just wont allow. Bring that W back
  11. I've stayed at the hampton inn Norwood before for a game and can fully recommend. It;'s quite a big place but the free breakfast and the bar make it more than reasonable for a few nights.
  12. same here, fly tomorrow on the 11.30 BA flight from Heathrow
  13. As a complete last minute birthday surprise, my better half has treated me and my dad to 2 tickets to the Brown's game next week. The fact that the game is on my birthday makes it even better! We fly out friday 6th and back on the morning flight on monday the 9th. Would be great to come and find you guys at the tailgate just to say hello again, We were treated excellently by all at the Cardinals game last year and would be nice to say thanks again.
  14. Would be rude not to attend this one, the Pats, at home, on my birthday = got to attend
  15. Would just like to thank everyone for making us feel so welcome. A fantastic day even if we couldn't get that W. look forward to the next one already.
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