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  1. We're on the 09.30 bus from Huntington Ave as well? ☺
  2. Yeah thats what we are doing, T fr back bay to Walpole. Thanks
  3. David where are you going to the Gillette from?! There's 2 of us, just wondering if we could squeeze in with you if that's possible? Thanks
  4. I'm staying at the Colonnade in Boston but I don't know of 5 other people so will probs get the bus as its easiest option for me! Thanks for the info everyone Just out of interest, is anyone going to the basketball on the Friday?
  5. Me and one other will be heading to the Gillette so that makes 4 of us, if you're OK with that?
  6. Thank you! The 3rd person prefers Hockey to NFl!!!!
  7. Hi, I'm not sure what the rules are for applying to the Hockey road trip, but if it's possible can you put me down for plus 2, so 3 tickets as I've spoken to the third person and they deffo want to come to the Hockey! Don't worry if you can't though! Thanks David
  8. Yeah that's fine thank you There's 3 of us going on holiday, but only two to the Pats game and this! I might even try to go to the Tampa game on the Weds after before going home I'm not sure when you will get confirmed costs, but I'm away from the 29th June till 7th July around the North and Norwegian sea, so I won't be ignoring anything or to you think I'm not interested! I just won't get much reception/data due to being where I am, but me plus one is a definite!!!! Thanks so much :)
  9. Hi, I'm seriously up for this with a definite plus one!!! The Bruins/Penguins are two teams that I follow in the NHL so this game I can't miss If you message me or get me to message you then thats cool as well! Thanks so much for doing that, greatly appreciated!
  10. Hey everyone! Not sure if you have seen that the NHL Fixtures have been released? But for the Bruins, On Friday 24th they play The Penguins at 1pm, and Weds 29th they play Tampa Bay at 7.30!
  11. Of course, just wasn't sure where abouts all these hotels you guys we're talking about are. I'm also staying in Boston Oh great, will send you a PM closer to gametime Where abouts are you staying?? How are you planning on getting to the Stadium? 5 months today and I'll be in Boston! I cannot wait :D
  12. Of course, just wasn't sure where abouts all these hotels you guys we're talking about are. I'm also staying in Boston
  13. I would deffo be up for a hockey game whilst we are in Boston! I'd love to be able to watch Pasta in the flesh! I absolutely love him! I'll keep my eye out for details
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