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  1. Ive booked the rally bus for the fins game. Im going to the red sox game friday.
  2. Is anyone making their way to the game from central area of Boston? I can see there is a rally bus for $50 gets there at 10. Checked train and it gets there around 11:20 and costs around $20.
  3. Thanks. I'm staying fairly central in Boston, I will be getting the rally bus in and shoud be there at least 2 hours before.
  4. I am thinking of using the rallybus. Does everyone going from here meet at a certain place outside the stadium? Tailgate?
  5. Does anyone know what is the usual time people head to the tailgate and how to get there ? Game starts 1pm. Are there any sports bars that would show Premier League games near the stadium ?
  6. Just sent payment. Excited much haha.
  7. Application for me and my wife for dolphins game. Message sent to jaco.
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