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  1. As its only the 2 of us going we don't want to drive, plus the cost of hiring a car and the parking charges you mention make it more expensive then Uber, bus or train. More importantly we are very keen for beers, especially in December where we might need that beer coat. I'm leaning towards the bus just so it takes all complications away, we just need to turn up on time and not lose track of the time after the game.
  2. Morning all, Hope you all enjoyed the win last night although it was a tough one. 2 good defences going at it. In December were heading over to Boston for our first ever home game which we are very excited about. I'm interested to hear peoples experiences with the transport links to the stadium from Boston. I've read a fair bit about this and how there doesn't seem to be a clear winner for the best way to do this. I'm stuck between two options- 1. pay $40 each for the shuttle bus which will get us there in plenty of time and leave about 30 mins after the game. 2. Get an Uber down to the stadium early Sunday morning and then slog it back on the train after the game. Although the train does take over 2 hours to get back to Boston (?) which seems amazing as only 30 odd miles away! Any info on past experiences is appreciated. Thanks
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