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  1. Of course. I'm sure we now have more members over the pond than in blighty these days!
  2. The Dolphins would probably increase the possibility of the Detroit road game for me. Curious as to why two trips across the pond is more achievable than just the one?
  3. Hope the operations are successful and you have a quick recovery.
  4. How can you forget the Cheerleader?
  5. Logged on at 10.00 CDT and no bueno, not seated tickets or standing. Just went on to show Anna how expensive the seats were on ticket exchange and there were some standing tickets available direct. So I've now go two standing tickets for the cowboys.
  6. Looks like there will be no seats available tomorrow. There is a presale for Club Seat and Reserve Seat holders today and there are tickets available if you have a code for other games (such as Carolina), but none available for our game. They may be standing tickets as it looks as if you can still enter a code to search for availability, although it looks as if there is tiered pricing and we're $49 +taxes&fees to stand rather than $29 for the Panthers game!
  7. Thanks for the heads up Graham, was thinking about this game ..... Wasn't expecting the tickets to be on sale so soon! You might also be interested to know it is the 2nd weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival the week before.
  8. It may have changed, but I once tried to get on a US bound train on the Canadian side of Niagara. I wasn't allowed on as I hadn't pre-cleared border control and had to catch a cab to the border, cross on foot and get on the train in the US!
  9. If you have a smartphone the citymapper app is essential when travelling around London.
  10. just drive down the rd to best buy and buy it when your there I have done this, but for the lowest price at Best Buy I had to order it from the website and collect in store. The store were "unable" to match their own internet price instore (!) but suggested that we use one of the laptops on display to make the internet order. All we had to do was wait 30 minutes for the order to make its way through their ordering system. Remember to add tax when comparing prices, and to tell your Credit Card &/or bank that you are planning of using US websites when in the US to make purchases o
  11. Ninkovich all the way ..... If I was going that is!
  12. Was trying to think of a way to thank all you guys, and especially Ade for hand delivering my tickets due to my Seattle trip. So here's the streaker ... I think we all agree it could've been bigger ...... (sorry to all mobile viewers and those of a nervous disposition)
  13. Thanks for organising Damo, shame you couldn't make it.
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