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  1. If i was into football like i am the NFL id actually watch a program detailing the fixtures . Sounds interesting
  2. Would love to go but money is too tight at present . Wouldnt know until late January maybe and that would be way too late
  3. I want to know who has the video of us singing "Oh Rob Gronkowski"
  4. Had an absolute blast from start to finish . So well organised and the craic was mighty . We took over Wembley and im proud to be a UKPatriot Thank you
  5. Fantastic work mate . Cant wait to see everyone in under two weeks time
  6. Will say to the other 3 guys but im pretty sure im looking at 4 of them sizes to be confirmed
  7. I'm vertically challenged so does that qualify me as a short person? Looks like we are sitting together Ted...lol
  8. Any of the new members thinking of going on this roadtrip ...think no more . JUST DO IT!!! Its an awesome time with great people . The organisation of these trips are just fantastic there is always something to do while you are there and you are also free to do your own thing with no worries . A lot of people will let you know when flight prices are at a good rate and a lot of the guys will also stay at the same hotel etc but again your free to do your own thing there too . But any help you need for information etc there are plenty of people on here who will answer any questions for you m
  9. I will make a donation to the UKPats when i find out the ticket total etc so i can round it up for my guests and make a donation on their behalf as well
  10. Thought since we have 400 threads about Wembley id start another one This time though i thought it would be good to see where everyone has booked and how much it cost etc to maybe help give each other some ideas etc . Myself and 3 of my friends will be staying in the Best Western Cumberland hotel (for the 3rd time) . We were able to get a single room each @ £50 each per night . Thought this was very good for single rooms but you have to either do it online or if your phoning tell them about the Sunday Saver Break as they will not mention this and try and charge you thier great price o
  11. Yeah im gonna go normal this first year and feel things out and then 2nd year BAM!
  12. Finally Belfast has its own Superbowl party with over 100 people confirmed so far
  13. Ok what way does this wrok..still the same old way where we take Mandy out for a free meal and that gets us on the list ?
  14. Perfect Papalaz.....a great fitting tribute to a great UKPatriot
  15. Its Britni not Britney...just saying Also id be interested in going but might just get a couple of tickets anywhere incase i cant make it....wouldnt tie up a potential ticket for something im only half interested in want to leave it open for someone who really wants to be there to see those teams
  16. I dont watch College Ball but if there are a lot of UKPats going i will have to make the effort
  17. I literally spat my juice out reading this...came down my nose and everything i dont even mind telling you . This is pure gold right here!!
  18. We did witness one idiot Pats fan at last years roadtrip game giving abuse to a Vikings fan . The Vikings fan in the end said something about being in the forces and lots of Pats fans turned on the Pats fan and told him to wise up and he left . Apart from that everything was very good spirited towards the opposition fans from what i seen and heard
  19. If Nick is going he has to meet up with me Tup so dont discount the Green man
  20. Money issues mean i might miss it this year but if im going i will meet up with you no probs man
  21. Corruption at its finest Wardy ..lol
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