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  1. Could you not tell them you are a Liverpool fan so they will give you special treatment?
  2. On my first RT in 2010, I managed to get to a Bruins game, a Celtics game, an appearance on PFW in Progress, the HOF tour, the pro shop (where I spent $1000 including a baseball bat that I neither needed nor wanted ), a tour of Fenway, the freedom trail, a visit to the Boston Common, Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market and still had time to meet up with everyone for what I thought was a mandatory annual breakfast at the Pourhouse and dinner at CBS Scene on Saturday night. We also has dinner after the game at TGI Fridays and went to IHOP with the group the morning after the game. There's no reason
  3. Watching Cecil Martin carve that turkey was more entertaining than this game.
  4. What do we actually do in London that we can't do in Nottingham? The 2 SB parties I have been to we spent most of the day in the pub watching the football before going to another pub where we had our pre party meet up. Some of us did go to Hyde Park to throw a pigskin around but surely there is a decent park in Nottingham where we can do this. I'm also sure there is a place where we can get some lunch if we are there early enough. I suppose the big difference is the public transport. Having never been to Nottingham, I have no idea what the public transport is like but London does have an under
  5. Hey now. I thought we agreed that we were spinning that to make it sound like a positive.
  6. Just got back today after lengthy delays due to the fog at Heathrow. Big thanks to everyone who contributed in a geeat weekend. To Mandy for organising the gameday activities. To Paul for getting the tickets. And for those lovely balls that were especially delicious this year. To Ed and Borris for also making the tailgate what it is. The chilli and gumbo were both awesome. To Mark for sorting out the hostel and the hire car. Your efforts made my trip so much easier. Thanks to David for getting the Bruins tickets. And to Howard for all you did. Getting the group discount for the hotel and prov
  7. You're putting a lot of faith in Amazon only giving them a 2 day window to get a delivery right. I usually find that a 2 week window is more appropriate for them.
  8. I can meet you in Glasgow Central with any gear you want brought back.
  9. When I got mine in 2010 it took like 5 minutes. Does it take longer now?
  10. We'll find out on Sunday just how good the Bengals are. But the other 2 teams the Browns have beaten are the Vikings and the Bills. So lets just pump the brakes on that one. Mr pedantic has corrected your post Aldo
  11. Expensive but worth it. I can't not go to this game. So I'm still in.
  12. They were mostly over your shirt ? Nonsense. I swallowed that ball juice like a pro. Naturally some got on my shirt. But there was a lot of it.
  13. But are they as good as Pete Schweddys balls? I can never resist Schweddy balls. But Paul's balls are tastier.
  14. I love having Paul's balls in my mouth. Very juicy and quite spicy.
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