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  1. £400 for flights; £100 for the game tickets and tailgate. Hotels - how many nights x £100 to include breakfast Add in beer, travel to Foxboro from airport via hotel - I think £800 is minimum. Then add £200 for spend in the pro-shop MINIMUM! Can't get away with less than a grand unless you don't eat, don't drink, sleep on the streets and walk/hitchhike to the stadium.
  2. Surely the Turkey Curry is the Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday until someone decides to put the rest of the Turkey in the Freezer to bring out later for Turkey Pie, Turkey Sandwiches, Turkey Mince, Turkey Lasagne, Turkey with Ice Cream etc. etc,
  3. Mandy, Apologies for the jacket comment. I just know the stuff that Howard has organised in the past (stadium bags and woolly hats) so made the assumption it was him again as I thought it was a 2015 (purchased) souvenir. The drivers comment - never knew some had never but the idea was that 1st timers drove was a sort of "new kid" responsibility to encourage regular attendance. Cardinals - Falcons. Both birds and it seems it is the birds that causes us the problems. Can we make sure we never see the Falcons or the Seahawks or the Ravens? Sorry
  4. Waspie, As a 2011 road tripper I agree with a lot (probably all) of what you say. I think as a "currently one time road tripper" (I wait for my kids to be rich enough to come again, but 2018 could be possible) there are a few who know each other and a majority who do not. Consequently there is a certain lack of what happens and am I stealing someones role/job who always does this. It is also a subject which is difficult to broach because of the, as you say, "without any criticism . . . ". Paul, Boris and Howard do a great job and without them there would be no tailgate. We probably need more to be involved in the planning. It could be that first timers have to drive a car, only 2nd timers and above don't have to unless they want. From Saturday morning a fixed schedule is planned and people buy into it or say when they are going to join - such as Patriot Place followed by team dinner, followed by breakfast followed by game. And how about non-drivers required to bring beer and a list of foods. Yes it is boring unmasculine non-maverick but having been to a tailgate at the Jags where there is about 40 of them and there are Gazebos and guys turning up to start roasting at the crack of dawn, maybe we should take some of the hassle away from our US guys. Like where did the "Road Trip 2015 Crew" jackets come from? I have my suspicions of who organised that because of his previous track record of finding personalised momentos. Oh and let's see, who went to see Falcons AND Eagles - you're banned!
  5. While you were all away watching the game I was listening to Radio 5 Xtra with Nat and Mike Carlson. The feature was on the chiefs and they had the organiser of the UK Chiefs fan club on the phone. He was please to say they are looking to do a road trip in 2017. Yes, you read it right. The first time the UK Chiefs fan club are going over to see the game is still 2 years away. So, HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE AND APPRECIATION for those on this site who organises our ANNUAL TRIP and have done for a number of years. I know we all appreciate what you do and we do say it sometimes - but maybe we need to say it more often. P.S. With it being a late game, I got depressed, and have not even read the game thread. Just marked it as "read"
  6. As a friend at school once said - I'm the one holding a Liverpool scarf when they are singing You'll never walk alone. UK Pats guys are easy to spot as they are the ones wearing Pats shirts.
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/11864556/Icelands-WOW-Air-revives-99-flights-to-the-US.html Anyone not booked their flights yet - - or planning on going to Boston at another time. And can someone please tell me what setting I have changed. The only way I can post the link was click the BBCode mode button which then allowed pasting in text mode, and then click it again to get the options of text. Same happens when I want to include a quote from a previous posting.
  8. Question - if we win, can we have eliminated them from the post season?
  9. With eldest married and saving for a house and youngest getting married in July then I will watch with interest but will not be joining this year (again!). Plus with a trip to NZ for the early part of 2016 and volunteer driver at the Rugby World Cup then time and finances are pretty tight anyway. We are back to NE in 2018 - Mrs PSTAMP has already put it in the diary - so that may be the next time.
  10. I know this is off topic but I didn't want to start a new one. About to hit the sack. Denver 10-21 down on 3rd and 9 coming to the end of the 3rd. If they lose - what do we reckon that we will hear of the retirement of Payton Manning in the next week or so?
  11. About time the RTs returned to normal game status. All these losses and close scrapes were just not acceptable. Hope the team realised this.
  12. No snow yet https://www.webcam-4insiders.com/en/weather-Foxboro-Webcam/11230-Webcam-Foxboro-weather.php
  13. Seems Buffalo has had 6 foot of snow (2 metres for the young ones).
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