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I am of Greek-Australian origin and have been in the UK since 1994 as a student at Sheffield Uni. Growing up in Greece I have always been a fan of Basketball (Euro and NBA/NCAA) and played the sport for years but no exposure to the NFL. I only got into Football in 2006 through an American colleague from work who was over here on sabbatical at the time. This guy was a massive fan of the Steelers and football in general and introduced me to the game. I will eternally be grateful because he introduced me to what I now consider the GREATEST game on the planet... but he failed to convert me to the annoying Steelers nation. I followed the NFL initially without really committing to any team and steadily started appreciating the Pats (despite the Superbowl loss to the Giants and subsequent semi-decline). Attending the Wembley game Vs Tampa just solidified my love for the Pats and from then on... I have been hooked.)

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