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  1. This D is scaring me, people are going back 100 years in the stats to find comparisons. If they keep this up just how bad would the O have to get for us not to be able to keep winning. Some things seem to be to good to be true, I'm waiting for Goodell to decide they're cheating , no evidence but "they just can't be that good without cheating so they must be doing it" and suspending them all for four games.
  2. Does that go for intercepting a pass on a try as well?
  3. This was the one I was thinking of, Always a scare for the white hat as it's his goal line
  4. More pedantry I'm afraid, you know of one way to score two points, there is another. [Answers on a postcard from non BAFRA members].
  5. While I believe last year was offically sold out it was quite clear to me that there was a large block, probably 200+ seats on the 49's side of the higher levels that was completely empty. Some organisation bought tickets it couldn't sell.
  6. One season at a time boys.... but actually if I'm still in Ireland then why not.
  7. It was a bit of a comment on the state of both teams that the old names Rice, Elway, Singleterry, et al. were getting more attention than the current players.
  8. You spoke too soon. I'm still recovering, a very enjoyable time but also b****y hard work, not least because the 49's lack sideline discipline.
  9. Assuming you mean as part of the chain crew you join BAFRA [uK referee's organisation], qualify as an official, put your name down when asked by the director of operations [the guy who works out where we all go each week] and wait and hope. I'm pretty sure I got in last year as it was the Patriots playing. A lot of us on the crew were Pats or Buccs fans. This year I'm in as one of the officials who did it last year so we aren't all new to the job. I don't expect to do it again for a while. I understand there are typically 30 applications for the 8 places.
  10. I shall be repeating my role in yellow stripy vest on the sideline, although hopefully with a more interesting pole to hold this time.
  11. Surely not, having spent all that money the last thing I'd want was a blow out.
  12. Get your name in for the chain gang, they let me on last year so they can't be that fussy.
  13. Suits me, plenty of ex Pats at Denver and if I can get onto the sideline again the privilege of being anywhere near Mike Singletary. Plus you never know who you might meet in the pub afterwards.
  14. Just to clarify I will not be available to officiate at this event.
  15. I'm not sure about that. In the Flemish speaking parts of Belgium I found that they would rather you speak English than French.
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