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  1. Wow amazing Mandy, you certainly have topped things off this year!
  2. Seahawks Raiders for me too if only to see the new stadium first hand
  3. Thanks for organising Mark, pls count me in......no last minute excuses this year
  4. Fantastic going to be an awesome road trip this year
  5. I guess Christmas in Boston has something to do with that and a bit of ice skating on the frog pond
  6. Cheers for organising Mark & Warren, great to see PM struggle shame about all the food that was not consumed, did my best on the wings after the practice we had on the RT
  7. Thanks guys for organising looking forward to catching up with everyone
  8. I have been a little quiet on checking the site ! However London would get my vote too, a little more direct than Nottingham, sorry Neil!
  9. A little late to the party however that is me signed up to this years RT after last years absence!
  10. Bronco's Bills or Browns for me, still waiting to see my first snow game!
  11. A nice article and hopefully will help to keep on building the profile of the club in the States itself. It would be interesting to see how well organised othe NFL clubs overseas support has developed in comparison to the Patriots.
  12. First, I had heard of it as I do not really follow the College game and have no loyalty to any team but it sounds like a great excuse to get over to Dublin and I have not been there for a couple of years. Pretty sure it will be a 'craicing atmosphere'!
  13. Lol, like the flow of the post Count me in for a hat whatever the design, Thanks Howard
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