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  1. I'd love to do the 49ers but, as you say, whether there are any games that we (or any fans) can attend remains to be decided
  2. Only 4 holidays to go between now and the road trip?
  3. Meh, once you've seen one waterfall you've seen 'em all
  4. Thanks Howard; great work again on this
  5. If Luck is healthy the Colts game appeals to me. Packers is the clear stand-out, the whole 12 v 12
  6. As always a great weekend, nice to get back to winning ways after the last couple of years. A huge thanks to everyone involved in making the weekend another successful one.
  7. One reason for a Pro Shop trip might be to visit the Hall and see the latest Lombardi and ring...
  8. I think a couple of years ago most of us ended up at the curry house next door to the hotel on the Saturday
  9. 109 sounds a very decent price. Thanks for looking into this for us Howard
  10. Isn't US Thanksgiving the week before? I thought we were in Mexico for the Raiders game Thanksgiving weekend?
  11. I've gone for Texans, earlier games are generally preferable for me from a weather standpoint
  12. Any thoughts on the game to go for? Both NFCS games are quite high profile so maybe Chargers at the end of October will be the one we could get?
  13. Overwrought I think is the term... overwrought as newts
  14. Yeah, a couple more years and you'll be allowed to drink there...
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