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Edited on 9/19/2011:
My family:
I'm from New England, born in Connecticut in 1948, and arriving in Boston to go to Northeastern University in 1966. While attending Northeastern, I met and married my wife, Deborah, in 1972. Deb and I have 2 children, Ben and Emily, and 3 granddaughters, Annabelle Joy Weiss, Rebecca Leigh Weiss and Jessica Lea Ring and a 1 grandson, Michael Eli Ring. I have a Business degree From Northeastern University (1971) and a Law degree from New England School of Law (1974). I retired in June, 2015 as a Controller for Forest Properties Management (a Real Estate ownership and management company). I now work part time as an EMT-B for Fallon Ambulance Service, a private ambulance company, prepare Income Tax Returns during Tax Season and referee USAHockey youth ice hockey games during the winter months. My wife has an Education degree from Northeastern University (1971) and is a Certified Pharmacy Technician, currently working at a local pharmacy. I have a Green Belt in TaeKwonDo but cannot go any further at this time for medical reasons. In my earlier years, I earned my Eagle Scout designation from the Boy Scouts of America in 1964.
Our son Ben has a BA and MBA from Northeastern University. He is a Project Manager. Ben also runs Marathons and Half-Marathons for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation having raised almost $30K over the years. He also works weekends during ice hockey season as the statistician for the NU Husky broadcasters, and when the opportunity presents, he does the color commentary. His wife, Tammy, graduated from AIC and is a Certified Massage Therapist, currently working part-time at a Nursing Home while trying to build her own practice on the North Shore of Boston. They live in Peabody, MA. Their daughter, Annabelle Joy, was born in February, 2011 and their daughter Rebecca Leigh was born in July, 2014. Ben earned his Eagle Scout designation from the Boy Scouts of America in 1993.
Our daughter Emily has a BA in Public Relations from Hofstra University and an MA in IMC from Emerson College. She works for Meditech in Framingham, MA as a Promotional Writer. Her husband, Jon, has a BA from Salem State and an MBA from the University of Phoenix and is working in Finance. He is also a 3rd degree Black Belt and teaches TaeKwonDo evenings. They live in Burlington, MA. Their son, Michael Eli, was born in March , 2011 and their daughter Jessica, Lea was born in July, 2014..
ME and the NE Patriots:
I've been a Patriots Season Ticket Holder since 1992, attending 99% of the games with my son, Ben.
My relationship with the UKPatriots:
In 2005, I discovered the Message Board on UKPatriots.com, I really don't remember the details but most probably from the MB on Patriots.com and a post from one of the UKPatriots. Anyway, I registered on UKPatriots.com and began my relationship. Whoever begins to post on the UKPatriots MB is received with open arms and a friendship that is hard to beat. One of the posts I read was by Paul (BruschiFan). Paul had already met a few of the UKPatriots in prior years at Gillette Stadium, those who might have crossed the pond individually to see games here. Comments were made that the UKPatriots would like to attend a game at Gillette Stadium. In jest at the time, comments were made "why not". That was it! I contacted Paul directly thru the UKPatriots MB sooner-than-later which led to email contact and eventually telephone contact. After I introduced myself, the discussion about a UKPatriots Roadtrip began. About 6 months prior to the 2005 season, Paul decided to contact the Kraft Organization requesting the possibility of a block of seats for a group of fans from the UK. Paul got the response he hoped for and contacted me about that positive response. He posted that response on the UKPatriots MB. After a few UKPatriots said that they would be interested, a game was determined. I immediately contacted several hotels in the area looking for the best overall possibility (cost, availability, location, etc.). I found the former Sheraton Braintree Hotel. The UKPatriots stayed at the Sheraton annually until the hotel was shut down after the 2009 season's trip so for the past few years the UKPatriots stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott in Norwood and currently the Hampton Inn in Norwood.. When I arrived at the Sheraton to meet everyone for the 1st time I really didn't know what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised. These were Patriots fans that I had discussions with from afar and only on the UKPatriots MB but after only a few minutes, it was like we had known each other for ever.
I could go on and on about the great friendships myself and the other members of my family have developed with all of the UKPatriots since 2005. What I have learned from the beginning, though, is that the UKPatriots are a quality group of NE Patriots fans that are as passionate for and as knowledgeable of Patriots history as any Patriot's fan I've met during my tenure as a Season Ticket Holder.

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