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  1. Mark, If you don't already know, P2 is now $60. Howard
  2. Is this your 1st time to Gillette Stadium? Where are your tickets? 28 year STM here. My son and I will be there. As a matter of fact it is my 71st birthday. We hope to hook up with a friend from the UK either before the game or during half-time. Maybe we can meet up. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
  3. I think a clarification is is order. I need names and nights needed only for control purposes. I am not making reservations for anyone. you are on your own. Here is the direct booking link for the UKPatriots roadtrip: Booking Link: http://group.hamptoninn.com/ukpatriotsArrival Date: 09-Oct-2019Departure Date: 11-Oct-2019Please note, the entire URL must be copied and pasted for it to work properly. To arrive earlier or stay later please contact the Sales dapartment directly (781-702 5212) or via email to sue.gallogly@hilton.com. Remember to use the group name.
  4. When I contacted Sue at the Hampton Inn she was very glad to hear from me on behalf of the UKPatriots Preliminary info from the Hampton Inn. We could only get 13 double rooms (@$159 + tax) and 5 single rooms with a sofa bed (@$149 + tax) for Wednesday and Thursday nights, with the ability to arrive earlier by 10/6/19 and stay later until 10/13/19 for the group rate based on availability. To arrive earlier or stay later please contact the Sales dapartment directly (781-702 5212) or via email to sue.gallogly@hilton.com. Make sure you mention "UKPatriots". Everyone is responsible for
  5. Ben cannot attend the Colts game. Does anyone need a ticket? My seats are in Sec 306, Row 11, on the goal line on the Patriots side of the field. If you need it and want to be considered, it just email thru here.
  6. Ben cannot go to the Colts game. I have an xtra ticket in sec 306, row 11. I make all decisions regarding who uses my Season Ticket but I will consider all requests.
  7. More information will be posted here as gameday approaches.
  8. Here we go: Your group block has been setup in our system and below are the instructions to make reservations into the group block. Individuals will be responsible for making their own reservations. All reservations require a credit card at the time of booking. Guests can call the hotel directly at 781-769-7000 and choose option 2 for sales or option 0 for the front desk. They should mention the UK Patriots block. They can also book online at www.bostonnorwood.hamptoninn.com . Under "Add Special Rate Codes, they should enter your group booking code, which is UKP For all
  9. The agreement with the Hampton Inn has been finalized. In a few business days I will receive instructions for making reservations within the UKPatriots room block. I will post it here immediately upon receipt. The important points: 1) We have available rooms from 9/29 to 10/4 (beginning 10/5 the Hotel is already sold out to anther group). 2) We have double rooms (2 Queen Beds) at $159/night and single rooms (1 King Bed) @$149/night. A 11.7% tax is not included in the prices. 3) Reservations must be made by 9/8 at which time any unreserved rooms within the block will
  10. I'm getting Double Bed Rooms and Single Bed Rooms but I need to know asap if anyone aside from Jonas (already requested) needs a handicapped room. I should have more info by next week. 1) If anyone wants both games and will not be staying during the week they need 2 reservations. 2) Ther are no doubles available for Friday October 5th just in case anyone is interested.
  11. I heard from the Hampton Inn. We will have rooms from 9/29 to 10/5, both singles and doubles. We are getting a discount of 18% to $159/night on singles and 20% to $149/night on doubles. The only thing left is to get the number of rooms needed, which I will estimate based on Mandy's latest list. In case Warren is interested, any rooms not reserved by 9/8 go back to the hotel inventory. Once I get the contract signed, the hotel will set up the reservation info. All reservations are the responsibility of each individual. Sue at the Hampton Inn wants us there. More info to follow.
  12. Obviously I realize that. Once we get the rooms reserved and people begin to make reservations, the contract always has a cut-off date after which any unclaimed rooms will go back to the hotel. I will be speaking with the Hotel in the next few days at which time all options will be discussed. Control of the opening of the parking lots rests with the State Police. The lots usually open 4 hours prior to the game but I remember last year, at one of the late games the State Police opened the lots 5 hours before the game. Remember that Rt1 is a major thoroughfare for people li
  13. I'll be contacting the Hampton Inn this week. Since we have 2 games this year only 4 days apart, I'll hopefully be able to set up the contract so the reduced rate will carry thru the Friday after the Indy game for those who want to stay there for both games. I'll let everyone know what Darrell at the Hampton Inn offers me before any contract is signed and I will post it here.
  14. OK Everyone. Here are the instructions for reserving rooms at the Hampton Inn: Hi Howard, the UK PATRIOTS FAN CLUB GROUP block has been setup in our system and below are the instructions for making reservations into the group block. Reservations for this event will be individual call in. Individuals will be responsible for making their own reservations. All reservations require a credit card at the time of booking. Guests can call the hotel directly at 781-769-7000 and hit 0 for the front desk or 2 for sales on the automated welcome system, and mention the UK PATRIOTS FAN CLUB GR
  15. Put Ben and I down for tickets. I might have to work but I'll know that in a few weeks. Ben would definately like to go.
  16. The contract with the Hampton Inn is signed, sealed and delivered. As soon as Darrell get everything loaded in their system and contacts me, I will let everyone know how to make reservations.
  17. I do have a contract in hand from Darrell at the Hamption Inn awaiting my signature. The contract provides for 3 rooms on Friday night and 10 rooms for Saturday and Sunday nights, all Double Queen Rooms. Before I sign off on it, I would like to know if any RTers need other accomodations and I will do my best to make that type of room is available. I'm going to increase the number of Double Queen Rooms to 15 with the understanding that any rooms not reserved by the cut-off date (10/25/17) will be released to the general inventory by the hotel. Once the contract is signed, I will be give
  18. I have looked at hotel costs. Preliminary cost of the Courtyard is $209 + taxes per night for 2 beds in a room. Darrell at the Hampton Inn is offering a definite $109 + taxes per night for 2 beds in a room. I don't see the Courtyard cutting the cost for me in half to match the Hampton Inn but I will see if the Courtyard will do so if the RTers want me to. That weekend is quite expensive for most hotels so the Hampton Inn is a complete surprise to me. Don't even bother to ask me the price of either hotel at Patriots Place. If you want to stay there you are on your own.
  19. A bit OT - The game is the afternoon of the 1st night of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana). If there are any RTers who are Jewish and would like to have a Rosh Hashana dinner at my home on Tuesday with my family feel free to PM me thru this site.
  20. Here is the e-mail I received from Sheila at the Courtyard: So excited to see your signed contract come through today! I’ve gone ahead and held the rooms for the UK Patriots for October 1 & 2. Below is the link that they can use to book the rooms individually and provide their individual credit cards for booking. Please note that breakfast for 2 ppl is included in each room each day. This breakfast will be in the form of an “E-Coupon” which will pop up at the cash register when they purchase breakfast. It allows each person coffee and any hot breakfast plate -or- coffee &
  21. The contract with the Courtyard has been signed and returned for processing. In the next day or so I will be receiving a link and a phone number to make reservations. We have 12 rooms available for both 10/1 and 10/2 for all Rters: 2 king with a sofa bed and 10 queen/queen rooms. The price is $169/night + taxes. I have also received a complementary continental hot breakfast for everyone staying at the hotel, limited to 2 per room per day. Reservations can be made up to 9/9, although I would appreciate all reservations be made well before then. On 9/10 all unreserved rooms will be removed from
  22. Based on the few responses here regarding the fact that the Courtyard is a better choice, we will go in that direction. Just give me a few days to finalize things and get the booking link set up and listed.
  23. Andy - I'll check with them but in the past they did. Neil - Did you make a non-canellable reservation?
  24. I finally received an e-mail with a contract from the Hampton Inn. So now we have a choice. Either the Hampton Inn or the Courtyard. The Courtyard is closer to Gillette Stadium by 1 mile and they can offer enough double rooms to accommodate the RTERS whereas the Hampton Inn has only a few double rooms but can provide enough singles with a fold out couch to accommodate the RTers. I can go either way. Just let me know so by the end of this week accommodations can be up and running.
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