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Well what do i write in here? How about this...

I started following the NFL in 1985 - the season culminating in the narrow loss to the Bears in SB XX!!! I pick New England for 2 reasons...1- I LOVED the Pat Patriot logo, and 2- wait for it..because they had England in the name!!!!! I was young then, and didn't know any better, erm, didn't care for the Scotland/England stuff lol. I didn't know anything about the game at the time - who was good, who was bad, the rules etc. Thank goodness i didn't like the Bucaneers logo!!! Since then there has been a few ups and downs, when picking the Bucs would've seemed like a good idea at the time, and obviously the highs of 3 Superbowl wins. Superbowl XXXVI has to be my favourite one. Heck, how spoiled is that - "My favourite one"!!!!! Then there was SBXLII. My first game live was when the Superbowl champion Patriots travelled to Sun Devil Stadium to beat the Arizona Cardinals in 2005. I had a season ticket for the Scottish Claymores for the last 2 seasons of NFL Europe. That was a great experience and i still miss my sunday trips to Hampden.

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