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  1. Ipswich Super Bowl Party 2019. Only £5 entrance - advance tickets only. Patriots fans more than welcome. www.ipswichcardinals.co.uk/superbowl
  2. Organising & running the Ipswich Cardinals one again this year, so will miss out. Must get someone else to do it in the future so I can meet up with all of you again. It's been too long now....
  3. Sadly we won't be joining you guys again this year as myself & Mrs PatsFanUK have been asked to 'work' at our (Ipswich Cardinals) Super Bowl Party. Tony will also be attending our party in Ipswich to continue our tradition of watching the Super Bowl together. Have fun in 'that London' guys - UK Pats SB Parties are always great nights.
  4. Sadly we won't be joining you guys again this year. We (Ipswich Cardinals) have a new sponsorship deal with a venue in Ipswich, which includes hosting a Super Bowl Party at the venue, and I need to be there to make sure it goes off OK. I had a word with Tony recently and we are aiming to get to the UK Pats Party for next year, so hopefully we'll catch up soon. (On the plus side 'IF' the Pats make the Super bowl this year we watched the victory last year at the same venue....) If anyone isn't going to the UK Pats bash this year and is in the Ipswich area you are more than welcome to join our party on the night.
  5. Mark - Sorry for the delay I will confirm either way for myself & Tony tomorrow (Tuesday) latest. (Not looking good at the moment though.....) Mark - our plans for SB are still up in the air at the moment, so unfortunately count us as a no again this year. Really missing the UK Pats SB nights , it's always a good event, but outside influences happen. Hopefully we'll catch up with you guys some time soon.
  6. Thanks for the very kind offer Graham, but we're still not sure what we're doing for the SB yet so I'm going to have to pass.
  7. Mark - Sorry for the delay I will confirm either way for myself & Tony tomorrow (Tuesday) latest. (Not looking good at the moment though.....)
  8. Well unfortunately for the first time in many years we won't be making the trip to 'that London' this year. Saving cash for NFL London games and the Dublin NCAA road trip has to take priority this year I'm afraid. (We will be watching the game in Ipswich instead at a SB party organised by the Ipswich Cardinals. Local venue and cheaper beer!) Missing the UK Pats party this year will be a big shame and hopefully we'll catch up with some of you in Dublin or for the NFL games in London. All being well we'll be back next year...!... Have fun.
  9. Checking out online via Google maps - Nottingham train station, Hooters and a Premier Inn are within half a mile of each other so this might be a good / convenient location to travel to. (Added "attractions" are a bonus..!)
  10. Tony and myself are a 'maybe' this year. It will all depend on venue / location and costs to get there as finances are tight next year with the Wembley games and the Dublin trip coming up in 2014. UK Pats SB nights are always great though so will go if we can....
  11. Will be there on Sunday with Tony. Probably at the Green Man before the game. Will be sporting a #85 Lloyd home jersey (I know...it was on offer..!...) and I suspect Tony will have a black Raiders retro jersey on.
  12. Had a great time at Wembley for the Vikings game. Didn't get to the Green Man after all as we were enjoying the 'Fan Plaza' near the stadium and getting our picture taken with the SB Trophy and Cheerleaders..!... Entertaining game as well - we were in Block 215. Looking forward to the next one in late October, (should get to the Green Man for this one), and hopefully getting tickets to the 3 x 2014 games as well.
  13. Will probably be at the Green Man pre-game for both fixtures.
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