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  1. Is anyone interested in meeting up to watch any of the games this weekend? Thinking SB&G for the first Saturday game, or on Sunday. Nothing too formal - but if anyone is keen I am happy to head out.
  2. I have a good deal of sympathy. I mean, the Pats have had a pretty good overall record over the last few years, so the odds of picking an L every time have got to be pretty long...!
  3. I am in - as it seems payment details are the same, I will just crack on...!
  4. Of course, just wasn't sure where abouts all these hotels you guys we're talking about are. I've stayed in the W on previous road trips and it's well located. You can walk to Whiskeys or the Pourhouse, which is usually where there is a gathering on the Friday night.
  5. Finances permitting, its defo the Dolphins. Opportunity to combine it with Raiders the week before seems like to good an opportunity to miss... who needs money?
  6. Whereabouts are you looking? Off the top of my head, I think you would have a good chance in Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and Colchester (I think), we have a number of members in these areas and I think there are plans underway. Hopefully others will comment - good idea to try and get organised!
  7. I would definitely be in for both Championship games. Sounds like Hippodrome might be a better option for the second game if the SB&G won't stay open? But I would plan to watch Packers-Falcons as well, should be an absolute cracker
  8. Mark, I am in. My email address is the same, so will make payment as soon as you send something around. Bring it on!
  9. Unfortunately I am travelling so will miss this, but putting an early marker down (and this can be picked up in a separate thread) if others are keen to meet for the Championship games (whether or not we are involved) I'd definitely be up for that.
  10. Were they sleepy, or 'tired and emotional'?
  11. It's going to be the biggest Panthers superbowl party in London...!
  12. Assuming there is space, I will be there. Very much looking forward to it! Thanks Mark for organising
  13. I remember when we did this for the Bears game and I think it's a great idea, and probably worth bringing it back. What a shame a few let the side down.
  14. And based on last night it appears Manning can still play the occasional ball game, looks like it could be an absolute cracker!
  15. Im no expert but I'm not sure a flight from new York to a hotel in foxboro is possible unless you have your own helicopter....i think a train or bus would be your best option. Love it
  16. Nah, we all just sat around in silence, it was very reserved...!
  17. I was going to say the same thing. Just fire up Citymapper which will track your current location, enter your destination and it will tell you the quickest route at that time. It's more accurate than Google Maps, and for example tracks London buses in real time (so it will tell you if there's a bus near the stop you want so you can make sure you don't miss it by a couple of minutes).
  18. And if you still need a place to watch, try calling any and all of the Sports Bar and Grills in London, or Bodeans. They both have multiple venues - there may be space at one of them, but I expect they are all pre-book only.
  19. I booked mine at Euston Travelodge. £49 Thanks lads I'll check out Euston. How are you planning on getting back to the hotel after the party? Waiting until first tube or just walking? It's mile and a half - 30 minute walk or 10 minutes on a night bus. Or bundle into a cab Or take a Boris Bike...!
  20. I would love to join but I have to get to the airport early the next morning so will have to pass. I'm going to rely on there being a meet up on the following Sunday - which even if we don't make it I'd be interested in doing for both the Championship games.
  21. I'm in as well - looking forward to it! Thanks for organising this as well - always appreciated.
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