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  1. I'm planning to head over for Monday Night Football in October. Mogwai and Parquet Courts are playing in Queens on the Saturday night, so I'll stay there or Brooklyn over the weekend, before heading to a hotel closer to NJ on the Monday. Plenty of decent tickets at not stupid markups on TM and elsewhere.
  2. Darn.... work, baseball and cricket. Completely forgot about this! Have a great trip everyone.
  3. A geeky quote of a deliberately geeky misquote. You win.
  4. "Thundercats Ho!", or "Thunderbirds are Go!"?? Sorry... I'm a geek. And a pedant.
  5. Hmmm... money and leave juggling required, as I’m definitely doing Nashville, and almost certainly Chicago. 4 games would be unprecedented, verging on indulgent.
  6. Whoops.... yes. The Anglesea is a good pub, but its about 3 miles away!
  7. I'm staying near Oxford Circus. Will probably pop into a couple of Soho pubs - Old Coffee House, Brewdog - before the usual meetup at the Anglesea.
  8. Seven confirmed. Jay a maybe. Warren a late. Any more?
  9. I'll be VPN'ing to watch the cricket next week. Not expecting any problems.
  10. Oh; and whisper it softly, I really don't think the Pro Shop is all it used to be. There's not much in there that you won't find cheaper on the internet. The only thing I'm definitely going to want is the game day pin.
  11. Agreed that Game Day is not the best time to hit the Pro Shop, but it's not too bad if you get in early.
  12. FAO anyone getting the bus. You'll know that drinking is allowed. But don't forget that Massachusetts Blue Laws (which date back to the 17th Century) means that you won't find anyone selling alcohol on Sunday before 10.00am, so make sure you head to the liquor store before 11.00pm on Saturday night. I'll be finding somewhere to line my stomach before getting the bus. The Friendly Toast on Stanhope opens at 8 on a Sunday, and is between my hotel and the bus stop. I've not eaten in the Back Bay one yet, but if it's as good as the one in Cambridge, it's a breakfast to remember.
  13. I've reserved a table at Joes American on Newbury. They have a three-course prix fixe menu for $29/person, including corn chowder, turkey with sides, and caramel pumpkin cheesecake. The regular dinner menu is also available. http://www.joesamerican.com/ma/boston-newbury/ Table reserved for 4.30 - kickoff time for the second game. Restaurant is a short walk from the Pourhouse if we want to meet up with others for the late game. Currently table is for 10, but they will take larger bookings. Sign up below if you're interested.
  14. Bukowskis has to be on the agenda. The best dive bar in downtown.
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