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  1. Thanks Mark for organising the event again. It was great to catch up with some old faces and also meet some new ones.
  2. I’ll be there again. Thanks for arranging this for us all.
  3. As Warren says the game was a disappointment but great to catch up with people last night as well as meeting some new faces. Thanks Mark for arranging everything again.
  4. Similar to last year I'll hopefully be getting into Euston just after 5pm so will probably heading to a place around Euston just after 5pm and heading towards Allsop and SB&G.
  5. Markus and I are in the Ibis Euston so if you don't mind we'll join you for breakfast.
  6. I finally believe you after watching it again. Thank you Mark for arranging a great night (result and ending may have made it more memorable). Great to spend pre game catching up with some like minded Pats fans. The celebration for the pick was fantastic outburst of joy!
  7. I'm up for it. Possibly +1 maybe +2 but I'll confirm in next day or so.
  8. Hope everyone has a fabulous and safe trip, enjoy the game and bring back the W.
  9. Cheers Mark and others who assisted organising the SB party. It was good fun and great to meet up with you all. For a one sided game it was great to watch. Food was tasty if a little too much of it (which isn't normally a complaint).
  10. Hoping to make an appearance this year. Would prefer London for ease of travelling from the northwest but I'm sure East Midlands is a lovely place to visit.
  11. Will be at Green Man before the game, probably in 54 Bruschi jersey. Cheering on Jags as home team and underdog.
  12. It's wasn't our fault that everyone else had left! Thanks Mark for including us over the weekend, you made us feel very welcome and helped make a fantastic weekend.
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