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  1. Fortunately I arrive into Paddington and leave from Marylebone so can just walk it, look forward to it, though I may be either extremely happy/grumpy depending on the Swindon/Oxford result that afternoon...
  2. I'll be there, payments been sent now and Travelodge booked next door!
  3. Hoping to make it this year but haven't voted as not sure I could get the time off. I'll wait, see what games decided on then try and get the time.
  4. Squares are also compulsory, Mark banned me from eating any more food last year until I bought some...
  5. After last years dull, boring night, I may as well come in the hope this one will be better... Yes, I'm in. Marylebone travelodge is currently £49 for the night. At a flexible rate so if anyone finds better nearby can always cancel.
  6. I was worried after that catch, Lynch 4 attempts from a few yards out... The interception celebration was something else, you really missed out if you weren't there!
  7. I travelled home after the game once a few years ago. After a couple of hours wait at a freezing Paddington I decided it was a stupid idea and now always book a room! My room was a present this year so I'm in the travelodge across the road Anyone else getting nervous yet?
  8. I'll be there. Now to look for a reasonably priced hotel £74 is a bit much for the travelodge next door, one at Euston has rooms for £49. Haven't been able to do better than that nearby yet.
  9. Hmm only have 3 days of holiday left for this year, I'll see if I can get Friday-Tuesday off. Depends entirely on who else has booked time already at work. I will make a RT one year! Just thought, managers away this week and I'm away next so probably won't know until the 9th-10th.
  10. As a place to watch the game Warren, better or worse? Leahy I don't know the arrangements for this year but you usually have to pay in advance for these, SB&G gets very busy on SB night. Cost last year was around £30, including food.
  11. The first SB party I can't make in a few years and it could be at hooters
  12. "sometimes" ? (doing well so far this season though!) Will be well over by December.
  13. Definitely would go to a Bruins game, if the RTs in September then Red Sox it is.
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