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  1. Count me in please Mark. Going to see if I can dig out your payment details from a prior year, if not will message you.
  2. I would have thought that this was the perfect opportunity to book a night off from night-time feeds. Earn the brownie points by doing a couple in the bye week leading up the Superbowl You try negotiating with a nine-month pregnant lady and see how you get on!!
  3. Sadly going to have to miss it this year, but for good reasons. All being well, Baby Graham will be making an appearance some time in the next few weeks, so I will be "volunteering" to do the night-time feeds on Superbowl night, whilst cheering the Pats on to another SB win with our newest fan!
  4. I'm going to be giving it a miss (baby due imminently, wife presumably not keen on me disappearing into central London in the middle of the night). But will be with you in spirit.
  5. I'm 95% certain I can make it (Warren - I'll be driving if I can join, so can give you a lift if you want?)
  6. Mark, can you please provisionally add me to the list, and I'll make a final decision for sure nearer the payment deadline? I haven't missed a UKP Superbowl party for years, but I'm provisionally going to be moving house that week, and I think I might be a bit too knackered to attend (and I'm sure the missus would prefer I didn't) On the plus side, if I do attend, I've moved office since last year and my new office is walking distance from Marylebone so I can maximise my sleep and still make it into the office Monday morning!
  7. I'm in. Will sort out payment shortly and check to see if I'm bringing anyone else
  8. Apologies all that after suggesting the meetup for the Packers game, I then went radio silent. Have been extremely busy trying to plan my wedding and actually spent the entirety of that day driving around London looking at possible venues (so wasn't near a computer to let you guys know that I wouldn't be able to make it). Sorry again.
  9. Will probably get lost in amongst all the Roadtrip posts, but wanted to suggest this now.... on the assumption that Pats @ Pack will be on TV at 9.25pm next Sunday night (30th Nov), would anyone be interested in a Marylebone Sports Bar & Grill meetup to watch the game? I think there's a decent chance that it will be televised. Unlikely to be flexed as the late game is Broncos @ Chiefs, a huge game in the AFCW. And the only other Sunday late game option for TV is Cardinals @ Falcons, which just doesn't have the same appeal as the shootout between Rodgers and Brady. If there's any interest, I can book some tables.
  10. I'm afraid I'm going to have to excuse myself from the gathering this year.... really short of holiday days for 2014 so I can't really afford to take the Monday off work. Was going to join you all anyway, and survive on almost no sleep, but now that the Pats aren't involved, I'm less motivated, will just watch it at home. Disappointed I won't be joining you, I'm sure it'll be a fun night.
  11. I'm a bit late seeing this too... definitely count me in if it's London... if it did end up being somewhere else like Nottingham I'd only be a 'maybe'. But it seems like the consensus is London now, so that's good :-)
  12. Personally, I object to being made to queue outside a fast food restaurant so I haven't tried it yet. Will be there soon after midnight I expect. Save me a seat!
  13. I have my girlfriend's flatmate's birthday party that night, which is in Soho (right next to Bodeans), but SB&G sounds fine.... I wouldn't make it in time for the Seattle game, but will definitely be there to see the Pats.
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