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  1. Finally after many years, i am in a position to apply and attend a roadtrip.... fingers crossed on the allocations.
  2. Hanging THAT calendar up would bring bad luck in my house whatever time of year I hung it up! second that ade my better half would kill me, my son said to me at the party "shall we get mammy a calender?" "i doubt she would want one" was my reply lol
  3. As i said earlier i am staying at the ibis wembley, i was thinking about travel to and from the party and any other events we could pool knowlege and funds and with saftey in numbers it could be gd to swap numbers and names. we did this last time when we stayed at the green man and it worked out great. Pm if you want to create a hotels close to wembley group.
  4. I am very happy with the view from the cheaper seat cheers ade and the rest of the ukpatriots mods
  5. All i need to add to this topic is "in ukpatriots mods we trust" Not a ounce of worry that the wont deliver an ace event to be proud of and i am sure they are as excited to give out info as everyone is to recieve it. And if me or anyone is lucky enough to get a ticket then i am sure its going to be a great night.
  6. I emailed you ade telling you my new address and you replied back :-) cheers just seen ur e-mail ade replied again
  7. Gonna go for the cheaper tickets for me and my boy. will be paying on payday on 24th. cheers all mods on here
  8. Might reconsider my position because my son is only 6 and the huge price difference might make it alot better value for me.
  9. Ibis wembley with my eldest. on sat and sun nights
  10. so excited about the game and meeting up with you all again becuase everytime is great gonna bring my 6 year old son to his first nfl game
  11. put me down for a maybe, please damien all depends on costs tho
  12. Me and Kia will be coming next year for sure gonna make a weekend of it tho becuase we shot off early after the game because we was knacked and had been up since 5.30 with our boys on sunday morning. Gonna come saturday and catch a show and then the game on sunday Once again from my earlier post cheers mark for your hard work and other ukpats member that made the event what it was...... Seeing Danny going mental for the saints..... cant wait to see what he is like cheering on the pats next year
  13. Great Event...... when can i book for next year ? me and my partner had a stunning time Great Food, Great Staff, Great Company and most of all a great view of seeing manning CHOKE also cheers mark for the last minute tickets
  14. "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat?"
  15. see you all there tomoz Coach gets into victoria at 15.20 we are staying at The Kingsley see you all in the Porcupine if we can find it lol
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