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  1. Hi Paul Don't need tickets (already have one). First visit to HR for me, any recommendations regarding pre/post match watering holes? Can meet up for an aperitif if you like? Anyone else attending this game and fancy a meet up? Kev
  2. Hey Mrs L Is this likely to be the same tailgate location for Thursday, if not, when are you likely to know/advise? Thanks.
  3. Anyone attending KC game on Sun 14th Oct? I'll be hitting town on the day and aiming to be at Gillette for around 17.00 for tailgate/beers. Also be in Boston until 17th for afters. Kev
  4. Hi all Newbee here, attending both Colts & Chiefs games. Colts game i'm booked into a hotel in Sharon which is great for easy, early access to Gillette. Looking forward to a meet up with UK Pats at the tailgate. Chiefs game i'm based is Boston and need to make my way to the Stadium by public transport. The MBTA 'Patriots train' seems the most obvious option, but i'm hearing lots of negative reports about overcrowding, delays, drunks etc. Anybody used this service? What was your experience? Any alternative travelling options you can advise? I'm aware of the Boston Common coach, anyone used this service? Any advice / recommendations would be welcome. Thanks Kev
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