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  1. I'll send the dosh either Monday or Tuesday when I can get into the bank.
  2. Maybe its just the tight ones who have to trouble down to London. Count me in
  3. I had to miss it last time due to a once in a lifetime event. Now I may get another chance - gutted no Randy but how about the Boston T E Party?
  4. Didn't there was a UKPatriots T Shirt, or is that a RoadTrip exclusive?
  5. I love it, and thats even before they read out my e mail on English swearing and buggery. Pretty sure Ross has had his mails on before as well.
  6. It may upset at least one board member (who knows why) to the end of Campdown Races (gonna run all night, gonna run all day) Tampa Bay Bucs Tampa Bay Bucs 40 years and won f' all Tampa Bay Bucs
  7. To "Whats that coming over the hill" What's Tom Brady's injury? Probable Right Shoulder Probable Right Shoulder
  8. One of my favourites Shit ground No fans Too ironic
  9. Very reluctantly: I have two available
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