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Found 1 result

  1. This years Superbowl Party will once again be hosted by the Marylebone Sports Bar & Grill on Sunday 1st February 2015 At this point in time, we have exclusive use of the Scarlett Bar, which following some alterations a year or so ago, has a max capacity of 30. Therefore, places will be on a first come basis (receipt of payment will be the determining factor). Final details of exact cost & menu are still to be confirmed, but I would anticipate something very similar to last year, therefore, budget minimum of £30 per person. Remember that the SB & G charge a £10 per person door charge on superbowl night. There is a Travelodge literally next door to the venue, but they don't seem to have any really tempting deals on at the minute (perhaps they've got wise to superbowl sunday). Other ones within a short distance of the venue have some rooms a bit cheaper, but nothing as silly as the £12 we saw a few years back. £10 per person non-refundable deposit will be required by Monday 12th January, with the balance to be paid by Monday 19th January. Remember, this event will take place whoever is in the Superbowl. If the Pats are there it's a bonus Please indicate your interest here and also PM me for bank details to make payments. Food is: Cheese Nachos Chicken Wings with Carrot & Celery Sticks and dips, Burger in Ciabatta, French Fries & a couple of BBQ Baby Back Ribs List of Attendees Swindon Patriot + 1 (paid in full) Johnson03 (paid in full) Patman + 1 (paid in full) Dave45 (paid in full) Rob@foxboro + 1 (paid in full) mablc001 + 1 (paid in full) Welsh Lancs Pat + 1 (paid in full) Rat Noir + 2 (paid in full) spirepower + 1 (paid in full) Secret Tuna Fish (paid in full) Simon89 (paid in full) Buddfox (paid in full) Grecian Patriot (paid in full) Bradyisthegoat + 1 (paid in full) Tupper (paid in full) Warren + 2 (paid in full) honkforgronk (paid in full) Exwaspie (paid in full) Damien (paid in full) Stanley Morgan + 3 (paid in full) Hanks (paid in full) Jetgough + 1 (paid in full) Wycombe Patriot (paid in full) 38 in total (will be a squeeze, but should be a great night)
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