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UKP Patriots-Rams commemorative t-shirt

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Hi guys,


Some of you might remember that I designed a t-shirt for the game in 09. I've come up with the following design for this year's game.




It's a bit rough at the moment but before I continue, I wanted to gauge interest.


It'll have more info on it like Wembley, the date and the UKPatriots logo of course.


Can you please let me know if you would like one and what size. I'm guessing they'll cost no more than £15.





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Hmm, interested in 1, but not sure on S or M yet....

whereas you are firmly comitted to S AND M,eh?

Hmm, interested in 1, but not sure on S or M yet....


Not getting one for your self then Danny? :P:lol:

I had a feeling someone would pick up on that. Wasn't exactly what I meant!

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I would put down for 1 medium and 3 large. If you need the money up front how does that work for us Americans? Will they be made in time for the game? Can I paypal it? Thanks


Paypal is great. Need to work out costs first which will vary depending on numbers of t-shirts printed and then get details out tomorrow. Need payment Monday to get order in time for game.

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OK, so I've messaged everyone who has ordered t-shirts the payment details.


T-shirts are going to cost £10.


I need to pay for these when I order tomorrow so need everyone to pay by 3pm tomorrow either by PayPal or bank transfer.


I can accept orders up until 2pm tomorrow as long as you can pay by 3pm.


Danny and Stumaloo, I need the sizes ASAP.






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The final t-shirt order is in and paid for. 50 ordered so some of you will have a 'limited edition' t-shirt next week :)


If you haven't paid yet, then I didn't order you a t-shirt. Apologies for the short notice of the payment details email and PM but I'm not going out of pocket I'm afraid.


Final t-shirt order:



James in Wales x1

patriotsjay x2

Ted the Elder x1

Swindon Patriot x1

Rat Noir x1

d_loughran292 x1

aldopatriot x1

locke x1

Patsfanuk x1

stanley morgan x1

rob @foxboro x1

Tommo x1

WelshLancsPat x2

David x2

Jaco x1

Bristol Pat x3

Keithj x1

papa lazarou x3

husky71 x4

Wycombe Patriot x1

mablc001 x1

Warren x1

StephenRhys x2

patman x2

Stumaloo x3

Josh_1702 x1

Italian Stallion x2

AndyWales 54 x1

wilfork for food x4

Secret Seagull x3

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