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Meet up for AFCCG Sunday 24th January

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I'm 95% certain I can make it (Warren - I'll be driving if I can join, so can give you a lift if you want?)

sounds good but think ian is coming via me so more likely he can pick you up on the way


I'm waiting to hear from Ian to see if he has to come my way on the Monday morning and if so what time.

I need to be back in Swindon for a job in the morning.

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I was going to say she'd be the unlucky no 13, but sadly Waspie can't make it, so she's fine. :D

Just raise a glass in the general direction of Cambridge and bring in the win.

Hopefully I'll be back on my feet for the Super Bowl.

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Hi I've just joined. I heard about this on pfw podcast. I know quite a few patriot fans. Where are you guys meeting to watch the game of I may ask

we are going to sports bar and grill in marylebone st


also look at the superbowl party thread for a few weeks time

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Hi...new to the forum and this group...may swing by for the games this eve. Go Pats!

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Seen a few pics on Facebook of you all having fun.

I met up with Chelseafan (Chris) at his brother in law's where there was a mixture of teams fans (including the 2nd Browns fan I've ever met), props boards, food, drink, and poker. Great night, topped off with a great result. Though I'd much rather have been at the stadium, looked like it was bouncing there!

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