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Washington 6th October 2019

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It looks like there are already at least 7 of us that have tickets for this game prior to the official road trip game.

If anyone else from the group is planning on going make it known so we can potentially organise a meet up


Suggestions for activities in Washington are welcome , I'm think we potentially meet up with the Patriots Road Trip crew for tailgating & maybe other organised functions

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Booked flights and ticket today,I arrive Friday afternoon and leave Monday evening so just a flying visit.


My ticket is in Section 220 but would love to meet up with some people over the course of the weekend.Please let know what you guys plans are closer the time.




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14 hours ago, D_Lo said:

Any news on this? Who is going? What dates are you arriving? Hotels you're staying in? Anything else planned for the weekend?

Me & Deb are going, also David & Becky. I believe Warren and Ian Buchanan are going as well & possibly Carl.

Me & Deb arrive on the Saturday afternoon, staying until Wednesday morning before flying up to Boston.

Haven't booked a hotel yet, but probably likely to book nearer the centre and Reagan airport area.

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